My Favourite place in Las Vegas

It has been almost two years since we visited Las Vegas and what sticks with me is not the flashy lights of the strip nor the gigantic casinos. I know people for whom that is what Las Vegas is all about and they could spend weeks there. I am not sure if it was because we were travelling with our kids, or because we had just come from Banff, where it was calm and cool and relaxed. We had four days and that was plenty for me.


I remember walking 20,000 steps a day. The huge themed casinos were quite a sight to see, all sorts of crazy characters on the street and Elvis dancing to Shania Twain music. It was certainly an “experience”.

The things I enjoyed most were finally getting the frozen Hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 at Caeser’s palace that we had missed out on in New York due to the wait for a table.

(update: i have found out that Serendipity 3 closed in Las Vegas last year. Looks like we have to go back to NYC for our next frozen Hot chocolate after all)


It was staying in our restful hotel, Marriot’s Grand Chateau, off the strip, a reprieve from the casinos, the billboards and the noise. Doing yoga by the pool and “build a bear” with the kids.

It was meeting up with a friend who was a local who took us to a great authentic Mexican restaurant way out in the suburbs.

But my most favourite place was the Neon Boneyard

Neon boneyard

I was straight off the plane, still dressed for Canadian weather in the hot Las Vegas sun. I had a wonderful time taking the hour-long tour through all the historic Neon signs. Being a history buff, it was so enjoyable to hear about all the history of Las Vegas and take photos right next to all those signs that tell to the story of the Las Vegas of my imagination.



It is an outdoor museum and there is broken glass around so it is not recommended that you bring children under 10 years. A few of the signs are restored ( currently about 11) but most are in original condition and it is wonderful to see the different styles and colours throughout the years.

When you have finished the tour there is also another gallery you can explore. I can’t give you any details about that as i had to leave when the tour finished. If it is anything like the rest of the museum it would be worth taking the time to see that too.

If Casinos are not really your scene or you need a break. You want to find out what is under the surface or just love photography, I would definitely spend the time to come to the Neon Boneyard, right at the northern end of Las Vegas Boulevard.  If we return to Vegas it will be my first stop again, this time with the whole family in tow.

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